The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica

Dialogue For Three - One of my favorite pieces.
Dialogue For Three – One of my favorite pieces.

Continuing the tradition of cultural expression through dance, Jamaica’s National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) was formed in 1962 and continues to thrill islanders across the Caribbean with soul-touching performances. The following excerpt captures a bit of the magic of attending an NDTC performance.

“Sitting in the back of a darkened theater, a little girl holds her breath as her wide eyes follow gyrating dancers across the stage. The drums’ pulsing rhythms rise to a crescendo, she leans forward, gripping her program, until suddenly she is on her feet clapping and screaming, bursting with excitement.” (taken from the April 2001 issue of FACES magazine published by the Cobblestone Publishing Company)

The girl was watching the Company’s iconic piece called Kumina.