Welcome to Gunga Peas Books!
PeasWe are a resource for K-12 teachers who want to bring diversity into their classroom. Many (but not all) of our e-books, paperback books, and lesson plans focus on the Caribbean or the Caribbean diaspora. Some of our works (“Dragons Don’t Wear Pink” and “Prince Gerald’s Very Big Responsibilities”) are a little silly, but we think teachers can use these to connect with younger readers. At Gunga Peas Books we hope to support teachers in their daily classroom adventures.

Gunga Peas Books was founded by author and historian, Jacqueline Grant. Jacqueline’s West Indian background and love of Caribbean, Latin American, and U.S. history are huge inspirations for the stories and lesson plans we publish.

Our site is a work in progress so check back often. Read our blogs and let us know what you think.